Why Recruit from Shri Ram

  • Good curriculum and faculty  over 25% of our faculty members are PhDs and are actively involved in research and journal publications. Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest in technology and research.
  • Balanced personalities  We believe wholeheartedly in helping students develop to their potential in every field of their interest. Soft skill development is made part of class-room experience through presentation and open ended learning components.
  • Extracurricular activities student managed clubs and events give them further avenues to express themselves and develop skills beyond academic
  • Tie-ups with leading industries around the globe.
  • Fully wi-fi campus and seamless networking architecture in classes and College Campus.
  • Industry interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, paper presentations and quizzes are part of the teaching methodology.
  • Innovative hybrid system of learning based on established techniques used in the India.
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